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Shenzhen Weiyuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has a rich experience and practical skills in the R & D, design, production and maintenance of the ball screw industry. Ball screw maintenance division can provide spindle ball screw maintenance service for  variety of brands at home and abroad  , short  time, good repair effect, and the industry alike;
Our services include:
Cleaning and lubricating oil, adjusting the gap between the screw and the ball nut
Two, replace the ball screw and nut between the rolling body (ball)
Three, replace the ball nut cycle parts (cycle)
Four, replace the ball nut
Five, the ball screw precision detection and replacement service, so that customers can understand the state of the equipment in the first time , provide customers ball screw replacement  with high-precision in shortest possible time . 
 Ensure customer,s protection equipment can run at the first time, thereby reducing the loss of customers
Our features include:
- repair time is short,  2 to 3 working days to complete the repair after receiving the ball screw.
Two,  wide range of maintenance specifications: you can maintain the diameter of 04 - 100mm, lead - to - 80mm, length 30mm---10000mm series range of full specification for ball screws.
Three, non-standard ball screw custom service: short delivery time, good quality, high cost performance.
Four, to provide replacement service among the ball screw brand , deliver the product to  customer in  shortest possible time .
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